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What patients say


Dr. Salehrabi is one of the most professional and honest dentists I have ever known. He is helpful, kind and gave me honest options on my treatments. He always has my best interest in mind, and, most importantly, listens to what I have to say. I would highly recommend him to others.

Eleonora R.


Dear Dr Salehrabi,

Thank you for making my experience at your office enjoyable(I don't think
I've ever used the work enjoyable to refer to dental work ever before). I
appreciate how friendly you all were, & your willingness to answer the
1,000 questions I had. Patty- thank you for helping fit me into the
schedule and for being so understanding of my ridiculous schedule. Violet
& Dr. Salehrabi- your bedside manner is superb. I've taken many classes
about how best to communicate with patients, & you embody practically all
of them. Thank you for taking such good care of me!

Tristan D.

March 2016


Dr. Salehrabi is a TRUE PROFESSIONAL! He is a meticulous,
conscientious, learned, kind, and trustworthy dental expert. I simply cannot
sing his praises enough. He was an absolute God-send for me. I am forever in
his debt. He was so extremely thorough and resolved my somewhat complicated
dental condition that was the result of two other unrelated dental practitioners
misdiagnosing me, and Dr. Salehrabi saved my tooth, cured my infection, and did
it all with kindness, attentiveness, and with absolutely NO PAIN! What more can
a patient ask for? I travel from Colorado Springs, because he is the very best,
and I would travel from anywhere in the country, because he is worth the effort
to secure the finest practitioner. I will forever be a patient of Dr.
Salehrabi's, and I have recommended his services to anyone that is in need of
the finest quality dental care.

Kimberly G.

Colorado Springs, CO

November 2015



Dear Dr Salehrabi,

I just wanted you to know what a wonderful office staff you have and to express my sincere thanks for making this visit "pain free". You are amazing and I shared this information with a number of my co-workers at the hospital.

Thank you once again!


Darlene T ( March 2013)



Dear Dr Salehrabi and staff,

Just had to write and thank you for making me so comfortable in a dentist office!!

Dr S, you have that magic touch and I felt very cared for and that I recieved your very best.

Thank you so very much,

Ginger R  (January 2011)


Dear Dr Salehrabi,

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my needs. This is the first holiday season since having my crown, that I can enjoy all the holiday meals and treats without pain!!

I am truly grateful to you!


Julie.E (December 2010)



Dear Dr Salehrabi and staff,

Words can't express my sincere gratitude for the concern, care and ultimately the best root canal ever!

Thank you!

Tracy.S. ( November 2010)


Dear Dr. Salehrabi & Team,

I would give you the moon & stars to show my deep gratitude for your kindness, but my circumstances limit me to a simple “Thank You”! So please know how much I appreciate your time and your expertise!  I feel so much better and would not have been able to do this without you!


Lori B




Thank you for your kindness and excellent care.

Best Regards,

Yaacov  H



Dear Dr. S,

Thanks for a great job on my root canal and for your tender touch and caring ways.

Pat T



Dr. Salehrabi,

Just a note to thank you for your kindness.

Thank you very much for helping me and examining my teeth.  I really appreciate it.  You are a wonderful person.

Thanks again!

Mikie B



Dear Dr. Salehrabi,

With much thanks for your TLC.

Linda R



Dear Dr. Salehrabi,

A special “thank you” again for taking care of me.  Your genuine concern, professionalism & generosity is greatly appreciated.  It is a pleasure to know you!


Dolly F




Dear Dr. Salehrabi,

Thank you for the care of our patient Anne M, on January 21st, 2008.

Your notes to me were splendid and I look forward to referring patients to you in the future.


Dr. T. C



Dear Dr. Salebrabi & Violet,


I can not “thank you “ enough for fitting my emergency root canal, in on Monday!  I am so pleased to say it was a “pleasure” (wink wink) experience.

Really, I will recommend your professional services whenever I can!

Wishing you both a very Happy Thanksgiving

Karen G


Dear Dr Salehrabi and Violet,

Thank you sincerely for your time on July 5th. You both were my saving grace! I appreciate all  of your time, your excellent work and your kindness.


Hannah L.


Over the years, I have had dental treatment by many dental profesionals, but I have never had the care and excellence of that of Dr Salehrabi. He is an excellent ambassador to the field of endodontics. His ability to calm and inform me of the details of the procedure is appreciated very much.

Don G.